Unconventional Heists: From Strip Clubs to Iran

Unconventional Heists: From Strip Clubs to Iran to Brooklyn
Unconventional Heists: From Strip Clubs to Iran to Brooklyn

We are here with another movie list based on Unconventional Heists: From Strip Clubs to Iran to Brooklyn. These three movies may seem like an unlikely trio, but they share a common theme of individuals taking extreme measures in the face of financial adversity. In “Hustlers,” a group of New York strippers resort to drugging and scamming Wall Street clients after the 2008 financial crisis hits their industry hard. “Argo,” tells the true story of a CIA agent who hatches a plan to smuggle out six diplomats during the Iranian Revolution by posing as a film crew. And in “Dog Day Afternoon,” a man robs a bank to finance his partner’s gender reassignment surgery, leading to a hostage situation and media circus. These films showcase the lengths that people will go to when pushed to their financial limits and the consequences that follow.

Hustlers (2019)

Hustlers offer a refreshing take on the recession genre, steering clear of the typical narratives that portray the financial crisis. Instead, the film focuses on the world of New York strip clubs, an industry hit hard by the crisis, and tells a hyperkinetic story of economic survival. Lorene Scafaria’s direction, reminiscent of Scorsese and ‘90s rap videos, gives the movie a visual energy that matches the story’s intensity. Based on a New York magazine article, the script follows a group of dancers who resort to drugging and stealing from their Wall Street clients to make ends meet. Jennifer Lopez shines in her role as the leader of the group, delivering a charismatic and guarded performance that earned her critical acclaim.

Argo (2012)

Although Ben Affleck had already established himself as a talented director with Gone Baby Gone and The Town, Argo was a film that exceeded expectations. The unbelievable true story of a CIA agent’s plan to smuggle six diplomats out of Iran during the 1979 Revolution by pretending to shoot a fake sci-fi movie could have easily come across as far-fetched if not executed properly. Yet Affleck, who also stars in the film, skillfully balances the suspense of the situation with its absurdity, resulting in one of the most gripping and entertaining thrillers of the past decade. Despite winning the Oscar for Best Picture, Affleck himself was shockingly overlooked for a Best Director nomination.

Dog Day Afternoon (1975)

If a movie about a gay man robbing a bank to fund his partner’s gender reassignment surgery were made today, it would likely face controversy and censorship. However, in 1972, the real-life incident that inspired Sidney Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon was shocking and unheard of. The film follows inexperienced robbers Sonny and Sal as they attempt to pull off a heist at a Brooklyn bank, but things quickly spiral out of control. With Al Pacino’s intense and captivating performance as Sonny, Dog Day Afternoon became a countercultural classic of the 1970s, blending tragedy and comedy in Lumet’s signature style.

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