Soulful Summer Movies That Feel Like A Mini Vacation

Soulful Summer Movies
Soulful Summer Movies That Feel Like A Mini Vacation
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Get ready to escape into the worlds of love, laughter, and adventure as we take a look at some of the most soulful summer movies to grace the big screen. From the romantic tales of “Under the Tuscan Sun” and “Vicky Cristina Barcelona” to the adventurous journeys of “Odyssey” and “The Chess Player”, and the classic romance of “Roman Holiday,” these soulful summer movies offer a diverse range of experiences that are sure to captivate audiences of all ages.

“Under the Tuscan Sun”, 2003

Romance, Comedy, Drama

Hardly going through a divorce, the writer Frances Mays slowly sinks into the abyss of depression. A mental crisis flows into a creative one. Devastated and broken, Francis still succumbs to the persuasion of her friend and goes to unwind in Italy. A real miracle is happening! The gentle southern sun awakens in Frances, enchanted by the beauty of Tuscany, a passionate desire to start a new life – right here, in this warm and friendly land. First of all, she buys herself an old villa. The second is making new friends. And she still does not know that the third will soon find her on her own. And it will be a new all-consuming love. 

“Odyssey”, 2016

Adventure, Drama, History

There are paths that you will not find on the maps. There are goals that only love will indicate. Odyssey is the largest adventure project of modern French cinema. The story of the hero who discovered the “second space” for humanity. His expeditions inspired millions. His main journey remained a mystery. Pioneer. Dreamer. Rebel. The legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau: his ship, his discoveries, his real Odyssey.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona, ​​2008

Romance, Drama, Comedy

Two young American women, Vicki and Cristina, spend their summer holidays in Barcelona and completely fascinated by this city, as well as by a young artist named Antonio. Vicki is old-fashioned and in the mood for a serious relationship: courtship, dates, and a wedding veil in the finale. Christina is sexually liberated, uninhibited, and attractive in her rebellious nature. Antonio cannot decide, he is attracted to both girls. Relationships in the love triangle become more and more complicated, and then Antonio’s ex-wife comes into play, who has a very explosive temperament. And it seems that she has not completely renounced her rights to her ex-husband.

Roman Holiday, 1953

Romance, Comedy, Drama

The young Princess Anna arrives in Rome on an official visit. Her days are scheduled by the minute – receptions, factory visits, interviews … in general, longing! She is just a girl, she wants freedom, and she runs away from the palace to the street, where the inhabitants of the Eternal City walk, sing, and kiss. Alas, shortly before the escape, the doctor gave her an injection of sleeping pills, and the princess falls asleep on the bench. And American journalist Joe Bradley, returning home after an evening at the card table, passes by. Early in the morning, on the instructions of the editor, he must be at a press conference with Princess Anna, whom he had never seen in person.

“Chess player”, 2009

Drama, History, Adventure

Can a game change a woman’s life? If so, it’s still hard to expect something like this from chess. Could Helen, a modest hotel maid in Corsica, imagine what her accidental passion for the famous board game would lead to?

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