From Satire to Sci-Fi best movies to watch

From Satire to Sci-Fi best movies to watch

Get ready for a cinematic journey that takes us from the world of satire to the realm of a sci-fi one of the best movies to watch are “Brüno, “Mighty Aphrodite,” and “The Fifth Element.” In “Brüno,” we follow the comedic antics of a flamboyant Austrian fashionista as he explores American culture, while “Mighty Aphrodite” tells the story of a sportswriter who sets out to find his adopted son’s birth mother. And in “The Fifth Element,” we’re transported to a futuristic world. Where a former soldier must team up with a supreme being to save the Earth from destruction. In fact, Each of these films offers a unique perspective and a different genre. They all share a common thread of pushing boundaries and exploring new territories. So join us on this cinematic journey filled with laughter, drama, and adventure.

“Brüno”, dir. Larry Charles, 2009

A very scary movie for our politically correct time and it is based on documentary material. All the horrors invented on paper by real people are ready to immediately pick up and justify. Comedian Sacha Baron Cohen dresses up as an eccentric gay man from Austria who dreams of fifteen minutes of fame. First, he disrupts a European fashion show in a Velcro suit, then flies to the States. Where he tries to get a job on television, falls on the tail of celebrities, and films an author’s program. “Bruno” not only lives on the edge of good taste and an acceptable sense of humor. He carefully defends this line on the other side. One of the main films of our time about hypocrisy and the thirst for fame is assembled not just from Cohen’s ideas and provocations, but also from dozens of moments when everyone around is led to crazy ideas. Singer Paula Abdul riding live Mexicans, a pastor curing homosexuality. A typical American channel focus group and an African-American talk show audience. Cohen does wild things every time, but the rest still look worse than him. Smile, a hidden camera is filming you. “Bruno” is a wonderful reminder that there is no provocation without a response. After all, If you are incapable of doing something really terrible and stupid, you cannot simply provoke.

“Mighty Aphrodite”, dir. Woody Allen, 1995

One of the treasures of Allen’s 90s insultingly watched among his other films. This one is a comedy about foster children based on Pygmalion with ancient Greek choir interludes. Sports reporter Lenny – a Jew, a little bit of a bore and a rather shy type – decides to adopt with his wife Amanda. The more time he spends with little Max, the more he marvels at his phenomenal abilities and memory. In search of Max’s real parents, Lenny is on the trail of his mother, Linda Ash, a frivolous prostitute and porn star in a pink fluffy sweater. Although, Linda is quite happy with her life. Linda hopes that porn will lead her to big roles and suffers from attacks by a pimp. Lenny promises to change her life for the better – and really changes, despite his own falling apart marriage.

“The Fifth Element”, dir. Luc Besson, 1997

A taxi driver in the space city of the future Korben Dallas gets a strange passenger literally fallen from the sky. A mute, red-haired, and almost naked girl who people are searching for by firefighters, police, and the powers that be. She is the fifth element that is gonna stop the world’s evil. This time the weapon of world domination was invented by Dr. Zorg. Milla Jovovich will be the epitome of the 90s rave. Bruce Willis is the lifelong dream action hero, but that will be later. Upon release, The Fifth Element was a critical failure, becoming a cult movie on VHS and the epitome of recklessness and fantasy. In the year of release, They marketed The Fifth Element movie with spaceships and a flying taxi. Now for instance it’s becoming clear that this is a funny movie about how to stop the apocalypse, with Gauthier costumes, and Jovovich’s innocent eyes. Ruby Rod’s radio broadcasts, and rubber-faced villains. “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets”, just crucified for the most expensive project of his life. Perhaps in a couple of years, someone will fall in love with his new space odyssey, as they fell in love with the unearthly Leela 20 years ago.

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