Power, Justice, and Faith: A Trio of Intense Biographical CRIME Dramas

Biographical Crime Dramas
Biographical Crime Dramas
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In this collection of Biographical CRIME Dramas, we dive into a mix of gripping true stories and fictional tales based on real events. “Molly’s Game” takes us into the world of underground poker and the true story of Molly Bloom. While “On My Skin: The Last Seven Days of Stefano Cucchi” portrays the tragic events of a man’s final days in police custody. “The Two Popes” gives us a glimpse into the conversations and conflicts between Pope Benedict XVI and future Pope Francis. These films offer both entertainment and thought-provoking commentary on real-life events.

Molly’s Game (2017)

The first film directed by Aaron Sorkin – of which in the Netflix catalog you will also find the true stories. The Social Network. Which he wrote for David Fincher,  and The trial of Chicago 7. Which he also directed – is the transposition of the story that Molly Bloom recounted in her memoir.

Moving to Los Angeles with a future as a Harvard law student in her pocket. Molly enters Hollywood’s most hype poker circuit through a series of circumstances. Where every night she finds herself organizing coveted matches between rich tycoons and jet set personalities.

In the Molly Bloom years is the perfect Jessica Chastain.

The cast also includes Idris Elba, Kevin Costner and Michael Cera.

On My Skin: The Last Seven Days of Stefano Cucchi (2018)

The reconstruction of the death of Stefano Cucchi (Alessio Borghi), which took place in prison in 2009 and caused – by now it has also emerged from the trials – by the ill-treatment suffered by the forces of order is not for weak stomachs.

The director Alessio Cremonini reconstructs the last hours of Stefano’s life. From his arrest for drug dealing to the lack of treatment from the doctors. Up to the ban imposed on the family from seeing their son and the posthumous battle waged by his sister Ilaria (in the film played by Jasmine Trinca ).

On My Skin is a tough and important film. Which has also allowed the general public to take an interest in a legal story that has thus found a long-awaited and unexpected ending.

The Two Popes (2019)

The film by Fernando Meirelles ( City Of God , The Constant Gardener ) is a narrative reworking of how the director imagines. A long conversation went between Ratzinger (Anthony Hopkins) and Bergoglio (Jonathan Pryce). Prior to the resignation of the papal office by of the former and the election of the latter.

The Two Popes is a long discussion on dogmas and the meaning of religion today, made between two very different exponents of the Church.

Don’t imagine it as a boring film: the discussions are heated and interesting, and the two are portrayed in their most human characteristics of vices and virtues.

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